Martin works both in the landscape itself and in the studio to achieve a semi-abstract response to the experience of sketching in all seasons on the West coast of the Lizard peninsula, where he lives, Martin also paints further afield, including France and Venice in 2005, and later that year enjoyed a successful commission in the Caribbean with both landscape and portrait work.

In spring 2006, Martin undertook a project that involved drawing and painting in Milan, relating the cathedral and church structures to the cliffs of the Lizard. Andalucia, its horses and the cathedral/mosque of Cordoba is also now a strong element within the painting, but Predannack, on the Lizard between Mullion and Kynance, remains at the core of Martin's work.

Born in Lancashire in 1946, Martin however has spent most of his life in Cornwall including his childhood. After University studying Cybernetics and seven years in computer design, he returned to Cornwall for 23 years teaching, but since 1999 has been a full time artist. Art training includes an MA in Fine Art from Falmouth College of Art awarded in 2000. He has had solo shows in Cornwall and London, and has exhibited in a number of galleries in Cornwall and further East including London, Oxford, Burford and Henley. He is an active member of the Lizard Art Society and a member of The Newlyn Society of Artists.

I love using colour and line to try to distil the magic and mystery in the absorbing moments of life.”