2007 February

Returning home to Cornwall, I realised that I could not make a conscious link between the cliffs and the Milan work, but I chose a motif, Pigeon Ogo (Boiling Cave), a deep cut into the cliffs near Soapy Cove, Predannack, and then through some paintings and subsequent drawings, produced a development of the cliff theme from the Milan drawings.


A local primary school, Grade Ruan, asked me to produce a mural for a large window, now internal and bricked in. The evolved motif takes place in the playground on one of those showery May mornings, when the sun breaks out, almost blinding you with colour and reflections off the wet surfaces. So far there is a study on ply about 2 feet square; the finished mural will be about 8 feet by 6 feet. The plan is that the school chidren should also be contributing ideas.

In the centre of the playground was a May tree (now replaced by another variety), this provides link to the past and this year the wild may blossom was dramatic. This prompted another theme for the year and which developed from the warmer hues of Milan's San Lorenzo.

The cliffs were also full of colour and my work continued around the cliffs of George's Cove , also near my studio.

July: Andaluciia

Last year I struggled with completing anything in Andalucia, that is making the landscape mean anything to me. This year I started with the horses, drawing them, but also working with them and riding. Through the horses, their behaviour during the day, running, rolling, waiting etc. in the heat of an Andalucian July, I was able to reach the landscape.


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